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If cooking is an art for you, and serving, like creating masterpieces, Homeplus could be the right place to head for. Conveniently located in the heart of Thrissur City and in one of the most active shopping belts of the city, Homeplus serves up what major brands have to offer in kitchen appliances and accessories.

South India's Bigest Crockery Store

Famous for its whopping arrays of crockery and mixies, Homeplus features everything that you want to spice up your life.


Get dazzled by the exciting range of formal and everyday crockery including imported items. Dreamy…. Dazzling… Delightful…. Kerala’s finest crockery collection will leave you spellbound!

Kitchen Appliances

From brand-new Electric Chimneys to HOBs. From ultra modern Mixer Grinders to Pressure Cookers. From Gas Stove, Microwave Oven, Pressure Cooker, Bread Toaster, Soda Maker, ‘vacuum, Cieaner to water purifier. Homeplus has it all.


Where quality marries aesthetics. The stunning collection comprises of Tumblers, Glasses, Storage Jars, Jugs, Bowls, Juice Mugs, Coffee/Tea Mugs, Cup-Saucers, Vases, Candle Holders, Bowls, Cake Stands, Serving Platters and many eye-catching Gift Sets. Really a treat for your eyes!

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South India’s Bigest Crockery Store With 20,000+sqft

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